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Lenten Foods

 Enjoy Homemade Lenten Foods

Sponsored by the St. Casimir Home & School Association

Menu and Pricing:

 Coddies:   Fried      $2.75                          Crab Cakes:      Fried       $7.00

                   Unfried    $2.50                                                     Unfried   $6.75

   Salads –  Potato, Macaroni & Cole Slaw:  $3 each (l pound)

To place an order:



9:00-3:00pm Liz or Pam 443-255-2697

5:00-8:00pm  Carol Kramer  443-414-6784

School fax: before 2:00 pm, 410-342-5715  

*ALL ORDERS must be received by 3 p.m. on Wednesdays*

Place Order This Date                                              For Pick up Date

Friday, Feb. 9                                                      Ash Wednesday, Feb.14

Wednesday, Feb. 21                                                          Friday, Feb. 23

Wednesday, Feb. 28                                                         Friday, March 2

Wednesday, March 7                                                         Friday, March 9

Wednesday, March 14                                                     Friday, March 16

Wednesday, March 21                                                     Friday, March 23

Friday, March 23                                                     Wednesday,March  28

Orders are to be picked up between the hours of 11:00 AM and 3:00 PM. at the Kolbe Center, 1st floor (directly behind St. Casimir Church).   When placing your order, please remember to designate your pick up time.  We thank you in advance for your support of our students.


Name:________________________Pick up date:______________

Phone #_______________________Pick up time:________________

Codfish $2.75 fried __________                            Total_____________

              $2.50 unfried________                            Total_____________

Crab  $7.00 fried____________                            Total_____________

          $6.75 unfried__________                             Total_____________

Salads $3.00 potato__________                            Total_____________

                     Macaroni________                            Total_____________

                   Cole slaw_________                           Total_____________

_____crackers                                   ______mustard

To order fax order to 410 342 5715               Email

Call Liz or Pam 443 255-2697 (9 a.m.-3 p.m.)          Carol 443 -414 6784 (5pm- 8 pm)