Hurricane IRMA Outreach

When Hurricane IRMA hit Florida it left a path of devastation.  Especially in the rural farming town of Immokalee just outside of Naples. Many of the homes in this area could not withstand the winds and many residence took shelter at Ave Maria University. With the help of the Mother Theresa Outreach Project at the University,  St. Casimir School has been able to help the students at Highlands Elementary School who are still struggling after IRMA.  Through "dress-down-days" and other fundraisers, St. Casimir School has been able to send 40+ new uniform shirts in various colors and sizes to be distributed to those students in need.   Each polo shirt included a hand written not from our students to theirs.   We were also able to adopt a family of 4 children through the Highlands Elementary School's guidance office and provide them lots of  Christmas presents.