Faculty & Staff

It is the ministry of Catholic educators to embody the faith in everything they do. They model and teach children how to form a personal relationship with Jesus and build a foundation for lifelong learning and discipleship. Meet our talented and dedicated faculty and staff!


Mrs. Noreen Heffner
Mrs. Tina Micklos Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Kelli Girolami School Secretary kgirolami@stcasimirschool.us
Mrs. Erin PowellAdmissions  epowell@stcasimirschool.us


Ms. Cecilia Wright PreK-3  Teacher
Ms. Rita Garrity PreK-3  Instructional Assistant
Ms. Nicole Wheeler
PreK-3  Teachernwheeler@stcasimirschool.us
Ms. Carly FiedenPreK-3  Instructional Assistantcfieden@stcasimirschool.us
Mrs. Chirstina Erpelding  PreK-4 Teachercerpelding@stcasimirschool.us
Mrs. Vicki Sticka PreK-4 Instructional Assistant vsticka@stcasimirschool.us
Mrs. Alyssa Rodman PreK-4 Teacherarodman@stcasimirschool.us
Mrs. Nadia Zelechowski PreK-4 Instructional Assistant nzelechowski@stcasimirschool.us
Mrs. Melanie Conley Kindergarten Teachermconley@stcasimirschool.us
Mrs. Lisa Bailey
Kindergarten Instructional Assistantlbailey@stcasimirschool.us
Ms. Claudia LohrKindergarten Teacherclohr@stcasimirschool.us
Mrs. Pintet HalasanKindergarten Instructional Assistantpintet@stcasimirschool.us
Mrs. Patti Shortall
1st Grade Teacher
Mrs. Megan Zamzow  1st Grade Teacher mzamzow@stcasimirschool.us
Ms. Cathy Menefee 1s and 2nd Grade Instructional Assistant
Ms. Sabrina Spence
3rd Grade Teacher
Ms. Alissa Manna  2nd Grade Teacheramanna@stcasimirschool.us
Ms. Lisa Pniewski 3rd Grade Teacherlpniewski@stcasimirschool.us
 Mrs. Cynthia Turcea 4th Grade Teacher
Mrs. Lois Dudley 5th Grade Homeroom Teacher

Mr. Scott Sands  6th Grade Homeroom Teacherssands@stcasimirschool.us
Mr. Ciaran Quinn 7th Grade Homeroom Teachercquinn@stcasimirschool.us
Mrs. Emily Mathews 8th Grade Homeroom Teacher
Mrs. Lisa Bailey Art Teacher
Mrs. Meghan SitzlerDirector of Student Services msitzler@stcasimirschool.us
Mr. Joshua Franklin Music Teacher  jfranklin@stcasimirschool.us
Mr. Lamont Pennick (Coach P) Athletic Directorlpennick@stcasimirschool.us
The Language Project 
Sueanny  Penaherrera
Spanish Teacher spenaherrera@stcasimirschool.us
Mrs. Patricia Stelmaszczyk Technology Coordinator
Ms. Stacey DeSalvo School Nurse sdesalvo@stcasimirschool.us
Ms. MaryAnn Chorabik Middle School Religion  mchorabik@stcasimirschool.us
Ms. Vicky Phillips Facilities vphillips@stcasimirschool.us