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Soccer Program Updates: 


That's a wrap!

Congratulations to all our players and all of their successes this season. A special thank you to all of our coaches and especially to our parents for taking our players to all of their games across the Archdiocese. We couldn't be more proud of how our players, coaches, and fans represented St. Casimir across the Archdiocese. 

This year was special for our program because we had girls competing on all-girls teams at each age level among the nine total teams St. Casimir, three more total teams than last year. 

A special congratulations to the U8 boys team for going undefeated during the regular season. They decided to take their successes to the next level by competing in the Fallston Cup this past weekend. On Saturday they faced multiple adversities; freezing temperatures, tough competition, and a lack of substitute players compared to their opponents. Saturday found them finishing with two losses; falling 2:5 and 3:4 which put them in a fight for third place on Sunday. All was not lost as the boys rallied against the host team, Fallston, and soundly defeated them 4:0 behind a total team effort! 

Fall 2023 Golden Boot winners:
U8: Christo Christopolous, 16 goals
U10: Sophie Bartomioli, 14 goals
U12: Paige Purtell, 9 goals
U14: Nick Purtell, 8 goals


U8: The 2nd Grade boys finished their season undefeated, going 9-0-0. The 1st Grade boys found themselves on the receiving end of a tough loss but finished on a high note with many of their players playing against opponents one or two grades higher. The girls have one game left to leave it all out on the field. 

U10: The boys had a tough goal with AJ Tanner scoring the lone goal for Casimir. The girls were able to redeem themselves from a tie last time out against their opponent by winning the game this time around behind two goals from Jackie Bond! 

U12: The boys got back to their winning ways putting in five goals total behind solid efforts from Lexi Sticka, one goal, and Hunter Gabriel's efforts on defense. The girls refused to go down without a fight, missing more than half their squad, and would rather leave it out on the field than admit defeat without trying, good job girls! 

U14: In the cold, wet morning the boys went down early but battled back to a 2:1 victory behind goals from Nick Purtell and Porter Splitt and solid midfielding from AJ McKown. The St. Joe Fullerton-St. Casimir girls team, like their younger U12 teammates, also had a small squad. Franziska Bartomioli was a standout on defense, shutting down many attacking runs by the opponent to keep the score close! 

With one week left to go, here are the Golden Boot standings: 
U8: Christo Christopolous, 16 goals
U10: Sophie Bartomioli, 14 goals
U12: Paige Purtell, 9 goals
U14: Nick Purtell, 8 goals


St. Casimir Soccer had a challenging weekend but was able to finish on a high note with the girls' games on Sunday. 

U8: Despite a tight 1:2 loss, Amalia Asmar was pivotal on defense playing in goal and out on the field to keep it tight. The 1st grade boys had a hard fought game with Brady Powell pushing hard to keep his team in the game! Lastly, the 2nd grade boys team was a total team effort with Christo Christopolous, Jack Williams, and Will Szczepaniak each scoring for their 3:2 win. 

U10: The boys had a tight 1:2 loss with the lone goal by Emerson Lawrence. The girls cruised to an easy 6:0 win with Cora Camus putting out extra effort to lock down her side of the field. 

U12: The boys also had a tight loss with Chance Przybylowicz and Mike McMenamin putting in the work on defense to keep the game tight! The U12 girls, like their U10 teammates, also cruised to an easy win, 7:0, with Emma Mulligan putting in the work to net twice! 

U14: The boys also faced stiff competition and came up short but not for lack of effort by Tomasz Jagielski and AJ McKown working hard to keep their team together out on the field. 

As we head into the final two weeks, here are the Golden Boot standings:
U8: Adam Bartomioli, 13 goals
U8: Christo Christopolous, 13 goals
U10: Sophie Bartomioli, 14 goals
U12: Paige Purtell, 9 goals
U14: Nick Purtell, 7 goals


St. Casimir had a stronger showing this weekend, including a team who has yet to win this year getting their first!

U8: The girls got their first win of the season with the lone goal by Maggie Lindemann! The 1st grade boys had a tough challenge but stayed competitive with a hattrick (3 goals) from Adam Bartomioli. The 2nd grade boys team extended their win streak to 7 wins in 7 games with a double from Will Szczepaniak.

U10: The boys fought hard against a team that had handily beaten them earlier in the season and held them to a 1:1 tie this time around behind Pat Costa's lone goal. The U10 girls were dominant against their opponent behind a hattrick from Johanna Hook.

U12: With the girls having the weekend off it was up to the boys to show up. Unfortunately they met some stiff competition and were not able to secure a win or draw.

U14: The girls had a tight game but preserved it to a 2:1 win. The boys, missing a few key pieces on the field, fell to a bigger opponent. Charles Sticka made sure Casimir did not go quietly with a pair of goals. 


U8: The 2nd Grade boys continue their winning streak, having won all of their games, in their toughest game of the year behind 2 goals from Mason Saraullo. 

The girls team had a tough loss with a lone goal by Alexandra Kim. 

Both boys and girls teams lost, playing against the top teams in their divisions. Timmy Mulligan and Leo Smith both put one in to keep the boys game competitive. On the girls side they came up short in a hotly contested game where all of the girls stepped up to their full potential! 

The boys had their third tie of the season behind a lone goal by Lexi Sticka. The girls had a tough 1-2 loss with the lone goal by Paige Purtell. 

The boys had the day off while the girls also had a tight loss like their younger teammates with a final score of 1:3.

Despite the tough weekend, St. Casimir still maintains a winning record on the season! 


Overall St. Casimir had a very successful weekend with 8 teams stepping onto the pitch coming off with 6 wins and 2 losses. 

U8 boys 1st Grade continue to meet stiff competition with their Kindergarten-heavy team but still hold their own behind their first graders who keep pushing the ball down the field. 

U8 boys 2nd Grade remain the only team yet to lose after a clinical 5:0 win with Christo Christopolous and Mason Saraullo hitting for two and Will Szczepaniak putting in another. 

U10 boys establish a win streak with their second win in a row with Timmy Mulligan leading the way with a double! 

U10 girls had a rematch of the only team to beat them in the last two seasons and showed their class from start to finish. Mariniasia Katsas was sensational playing goalie with multiple point-blank saves for the shutout (allowed no goals) while Sophie Bartomioli had a hat trick (3 goals) and an assist to Jackie Bond for a cool 5:0 shutout! 

U12 boys started strong but were unable to cruise to victory. They fought from start to finish, never relinquishing. Chance Przybylowicz worked hard in front of goal to keep it competitive while Christian Kim left it all on the field! 

U12 girls got back to their winning ways with a sweet 7:2 win. With Zoey Reilly acting as captain, she helped Paige Purtell and Lexi Sticka both contribute a double (two goals) to help Casimir ease to an easy win. 

U14 boys also got back to their winning ways in a hard fought 4:1 victory spearheaded by a double from Andrew Sadler. 
U14 girls combined team dominated their competition with a well-controlled 7:1 win. 

At the halfway point St. Casimir now has a combined record of 21-15-5 (W-L-T). 


This past weekend St. Casimir had some struggles on the field as a result of missing many of its athletes to other leagues and tournaments for the holiday weekend. 

U8 boys 1st Grade, faced with stiff competition of mostly second graders, wasn't able to pull off a win but was able to keep it close with help from Jack Pivec and James Theodre in goal. 

U8 boys 2nd Grade continued their winning ways with a smooth 3:1 victory via two goals from Mason Saruallo. 

U10 girls faced some stiff competition but were able to pull off a tie via solid goalkeeping by Finlay Harrell at one end and a made penalty kick by Sophie Bartomioli at the other end. 

U10 boys earned their first win of the season with a hat trick from Emerson Lawrence, a goal from Maverick Sebeck, and AJ Tanner's first goal of the season. 

U12 girls suffered their first loss of the season in a game which found them without a majority of their team and had to rely on four U10 players against an all 6th-grade team.

U12 boys had their second win in a row with Jack Bailey the standout with two goals. 

U14 girls and U14 boys both fell 2:1 in their games with the lone goal for St. Casimir coming from Reece Schindler for his first of the season. 


This past week was challenging but St. Casimir was able to break even! After nine teams stepped onto the field St. Casimir was able to walk away with four wins, one tie, and four losses.

U8 girls proved themselves again with a hard fought, low-scoring game, ending in a 1:1 draw, the lone goal by Claire Schatzel. 

U8 boys 1st grade, faced with tougher (older) competition were edged out, 2:4 Desmond Faison scored a great shot from distance! 

U8 boys 2nd grade continue to cruise past their competition with another tantalizing win, 9:1. Christo Chrisopolous was the lead scorer with a hattrick (3 goals). 

U10 girls got back to their winning ways and after a tight 3:2 halftime score pushed to a final 7:2 win with Sophie Bartomioli leading the way with a hattrick of her own. 

U10 boys thought they could pull off a win but were edged out. Timmy Mulligan got his first goal of the season to help keep Casimir in the fight! 

U12 girls are the most dominant by far with another daunting 9:0 win this season. Alette Norgaard scored her first goal of the season and the final goal of the game to punctuate a great win!

U12 boys notched their first win with a cool 3:1 win. Christian Kim scored the first goal of the game to create the momentum to the win. 

U14 boys after a great first victory saw their hopes dashed in a tight loss. Gavin Sadler in goal kept the scoring tight while AJ McKown kept the ball moving during the game! 




St. Casimir Soccer's second week was a little more trying than the first with nine teams coming away with 4 wins, 1 tie, and 4 losses. Interestingly, all four wins saw our teams scoring 7 goals each! 

U8 Boys 1st/K: Fell 1:5 to a an older and more experienced team. Adam Bartomioli had the lone goal for Casimir to keep them on the score sheet. 

U8 Boys 2nd: Off to another solid win putting another 7 goals into the net like the previous week. Will Szczepaniak and Christo Christoplous both put in 2 to keep the momentum going! 

U8 Girls: Had a tough test where they fell 0-3. Amalia Asmar was instrumental in keeping the score low with her big foot to boot the ball up the field! 

U10 Boys: Faced a relentless opponent but held them also to just three goals. Emerson Lawrence's repeated efforts finally found the back of the net to put in one for Casimir, final score of 1:3.

U10 Girls: Also had a a difficult test, facing their first loss as a team in two season with a final score of 1:4. Johanna Hook provided the lone goal also making sure Casimir never goes down without a fight! 

U12 Boys: Had a tough match but were able to pull out a tie, 2:2. Christian Kim, Lexi Sticka, and Jude Di Mattina all played crucial roles to take the win from their opponent! 

U12 Girls: Heading into a game boosted by four U10 girls, Sophie Bartomioli, Jackie Bond, Johanna Hook, and Marinasia Katsas, the final whistle saw them easily outmatch their opponents. Mia-Ly Doucet-Nguyen was critical on defense while Paige Purtell pushed the team on offense with Zoey Reilly putting in two goals, helping Casimir cruise to a cool 7:0 win.

U14 Boys: The U14 boys finally had their first game of the season and the first of the weekend for St. Casimir. The first 15 minutes were deadlocked but once the floodgates opened it was all over! Charles Sticka and Nick Purtell traded goals back and forth, both scoring a hat-trick (3 goals in one game!) with a final score of 7:0. 

U14 Girls: Also had their first game of the season and traded goals back and forth with their opponent but were able to squeak out a 7:6 win to put Casimir on the board! 


Our first weekend of soccer games are in the books! St. Casimir picked up where they left off with seven teams stepping onto the field and coming off with 4 wins, 2 ties, and one loss. 

U8 Boys 1st/K: Won with a final score of 7-6. Brady Powell scored St. Casimir's first goal of the season and Adam Bartomioli contributed a handful of goals (five goals!) to push Casimir to victory!

U8 Boys 2nd Grade: Put away a solid showing of 7-0 with Mason Saruallo leading the charge with his footwork and two goals. 

U8 Girls: Tied their first game of the season 2-2 with Amalia Asmar holding it down in front of goal! 

U10 Boys: Fought hard but couldn't pull it off, falling 4-8. Two goals by Leo Smith helped to show St. Casimir wasn't going down easy. 

U10 Girls: Building off of last year's success at U8, the now U10 Girls cruised to a cool 3-0 victory with Marinasia Katsas playing solid in goal in the second half to ensure the shutout! 

U12 Boys: Playing in the top division for U12 boys, St. Casimir fought hard to secure a 1-1 tie with the lone goal by Christian Kim at one end while Chance Przybylowicz fended off multiple shots at the other end.  

U12 Girls: Had the most impressive win of the weekend, winning 9-0 with a stunning performance by Juliana Chance and her four goals! 

The 2023 fall season is upon us! Looking to build on last year's successes the St. Casimir Soccer Program started by expanding from six teams last season to eight teams this season! While they had just one all-girls team last year they have three this year, including the opportunity for St. Casimir combined with St. Joseph Fullerton and Our Lady of Hope to put together an all-girls U14 team. Our student athletes have been working hard out on the soccer pitch being guided by their dedicated coaches. Everybody is excited for the upcoming season and are eager for the challenge that awaits us! 

The 2023 schedule can be found in the blue box to the right.